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The third party in a divorce

When parents in Wyoming divorce, there are not two parties to the separation; there are three -- the wife, the husband and the children. All three parties are affected by the choices that are made and the change of life that takes place. Although there will undoubtedly be some stress that the children have to endure, with the right approach, the transition can be a smooth adjustment that can teach the children lessons that will help them throughout their lives. Divorce is a significant change, but it doesn't have to be a negative experience.

No one is to blame for divorce in Wyoming

When the word gets out that a couple is getting divorced, the first thing that comes to most people's minds is, "why?" Everyone seems to want to know whose fault it was, what happened and how long it has been going on. They want all the juicy details. The courts don't have the same interests. When it comes to divorce, Wyoming is what is known as a "no fault" state.

Divorce of the wealthy may be friendlier

Money has an impact on everything people do in Wyoming and across the globe. It impacts how people dress, what they drive, where they live and how they spend their time. According to some, it may even affect how amicable they are during divorce. It appears that people who are considered wealthy may, in general, be more agreeable during their divorces than those who don't have as much money. There are several reasons behind this logic.

Inheritances may be divided in Wyoming divorce

It seems that ending a marriage is all about division. Custody, property, finances and even the family pets are divided between the two spouses during divorce. Although so much of one's life is suddenly subject to being split, many take for granted that certain financial assets such as inheritances are exempt from the division process that is taking place. That could be a costly assumption as that is not necessarily true in Wyoming.

Prenups can be useful documents in divorce process

When a Wyoming couple or others around the nation decide to end their marriages, one of the many issues they must resolve is how to divide their marital property. Each state has specific guidelines about how this should occur in a divorce. However, many couples elect to create a prenuptial agreement to deal with how their property should be divided. Financial analysts believe that developing a prenup may be in some couples' best interests.

Divorce issues: Celebrities include unusual provisions in prenups

There comes a time for many Wyoming couples and others across the country when they simply don't want to stay together in a marriage any longer. The decision to divorce is no respecter of persons -- people at any age or any socio-economic status can decide to call it quits in a relationship. When a divorce is eminent, the issue of property division is handled more expeditiously if a couple has a prenuptial agreement in place. While prenups are available to anyone, most celebrities consider them to be a prerequisite to a marriage. Several well-known couples have some interesting provisions in their marital agreements.

How to avoid contempt of court charges in a divorce

More and more people in Wyoming and other states choose amicable uncouplings if their marriages come to an end. After all, an uncontested divorce allows a couple to draft a settlement agreement that suits them both. However, both parties will have to meet legal requirements, and anyone who does not follow the court's orders might face contempt of court charges.

Rebuilding retirement accounts after a divorce

When a marriage ends, it is important to take time to rebuild and heal one's self. Studies show that rebuilding financially is just as important after a divorce considering that many have to start over building retirement nest eggs. Residents of Wyoming and other states who are divorced run a high risk of not having enough money to see them through their retirement years.

Financial surprises women face in a divorce

The end of marriage comes with many changes and financial surprises. A recent study showed that women in the middle of a divorce or those who are contemplating one were hit with financial challenges that they were not prepared for. Women in Wyoming and other states admitted that they had little understanding about household finances, debts and investments.

Divorce is tough on people and credit scores

Experts say rebuilding credit after a divorce is possible, but it takes the same hard work and solid spending habits that secured that high credit score in the first place. They recommend closing joint accounts if possible and requesting credit reports from all leading credit bureaus. Residents of Wyoming often find that divorce is just as tough on credit scores as it is on the people involved.

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