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Parents could give up child custody temporarily under a new law

Parents who are facing crisis situations in their lives could give up custody of their children temporarily through private organizations. Under a new Senate bill enacted recently, parents can transfer child custody for up to one year without repercussions. Under this program, the number of children entering foster care in Wyoming and other states has dropped significantly.

In new age child custody, anything goes

Traditional custody arrangements are a thing of the past. Divorcing parents today are buying homes together, nesting together and doing everything to make their children happy. In Wyoming and other states, untraditional child custody arrangements may allow for stability and make it easier for both parents to be in their kid's lives as much as possible.

Child custody: Parents must abstain from alcohol when parenting

In 1998, a former Wyoming Highway Patrol Supervisor's 5-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident. His former wife, the child's mother, was driving drunk when the accident occurred, causing the death of their daughter. The couple had recently divorced because of her persistent problems with alcohol. Sadly, the couple's child custody order specifically provided that, when in the presence of their daughter, neither parent could consume alcohol.

Sports injuries an issue in child custody case

Emerging science about concussion injuries is leading some parents to ask whether it is safe to let their children play the game. For divorced parents, a disagreement about the child's sport injuries can lead to child custody issues. A recent case, covered in the news, may be of interest to Wyoming families with questions about custody and extra-curricular activities. 

Child custody: Possession and conservatorship

During a divorce, it seems like there could be a million little details to settle -- splitting accounts, dividing property, etc. An individual with children will likely have the custody and care of the child high on the list on concerns. Most people in Wyoming love their kids dearly, and want to maintain the best possible healthy relationship with them. A sensible child custody agreement can help with maintaining close bonds. 

Medical concerns can affect child custody and co-parenting

When two parents separate, typically they will have to continue to work together on some level to co-parent the children. Many of the details of child custody can be handled during the divorce itself, and other details are addressed along the way. Medical issues can also be a disruptor in matters of childcare and custody. Individuals in Wyoming may find themselves facing a similar issue, as some parents have learned to handle both diabetes and divorce.

Child custody should center on well-being of the children

Children need proper care and support in order to thrive and grow into their fullest potential. When a couple is going through a divorce, child custody issues will be one of the many details that will need to be settled. Before the judge weighs in, most families will tentatively decide on a custody arrangement for the meantime. In Wyoming, a parent who is dissolving his or her marriage will likely want to keep the best interests of the children at heart. 

Include special events, like Halloween, into child custody plan

Sharing the care and support of children after a breakup can be a challenging task. When negotiating child custody, most people anticipate and plan for how to handle major holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Other holidays, like Halloween, are not always immediately thought of, but this doesn't mean that parents can't find a solution that works out for everyone. In Wyoming, families may benefit from a few suggestions, as offered in a recent news story. 

Shared child custody may be best solution

Children deserve the very best and most fair treatment possible since they lack control over their lives. A young child is innocent and should be able to focus solely on growth and development so that he or she may thrive as an adult. As divorce becomes a more normalized part of culture, evidence-based research is emerging about how to best support children through divorce. Parents facing child custody questions in Wyoming may be interested to learn about research pointing to the positive benefits of shared custody. 

Both parents important in child custody

New research shows that a child's relationship with mom and dad is equally important. Gone are the days of defaulting to single custody for one parent with visitation for the other. With an important exception for keeping a child away from a parent that is abusive or neglectful, the general rule, borne out by research, is that shared child custody is the best option for the child. Individuals in Wyoming who desire to split caregiving with their ex can take some hope from one scientist's recent research. 

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