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Divorce issues: Prenups need to be revised after life events

Many Wyoming couples and others around the nation choose to develop prenuptial agreements before they tie the knot. These agreements are understandably based on the couples' current job and family arrangements. However, what happens with those prenups when a couple's situation changes? Divorce experts offer some advice on how major life events may affect marital agreements.

Protecting finances during the process of divorce

The end of a marriage will bring significant financial changes to a person's life. These changes do not start once the divorce is final, but they can have an impact almost immediately. Even before filing papers or moving forward in the divorce process, a person will find it beneficial to learn what steps can be taken to protect his or her financial future. 

Millennials are less likely to divorce than any other age group

In Wyoming and across the country, millennials are a demographic that tend to reject traditional practices and follow their own paths. This is also true in the way they approach marriage and divorce. While the divorce rate remains high in many other groups, that is not the case for millennials. Statistics indicate that this group saw an 18% drop in divorce numbers, which is the most significant change in the divorce rate in a very long time. 

Insurance and the protection of future assets in divorce

The end of a marriage requires both spouses to address many complex legal and financial issues. During divorce, a Wyoming couple may find they are primarily concerned with things such as what will happen to the family home or which spouse will get financial support. However, it is smart not to overlook other important issues that could affect a person well into the future, such as insurance.

Lessons from a high asset divorce

Most Wyoming readers probably know that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, and his wife have filed for divorce. It is one of the most expensive divorces in history and has garnered many headlines as there were literally billions of dollars at stake. This extremely high asset divorce offers couples of all income levels a few tips that can help make the divorce process easier.

Missteps during divorce can lead to financial complications

Ending a marriage is not an easy choice, even if a person is confident that it is the right course of action. Divorce requires a Wyoming couple to make serious choices that may impact their future and long-term interests for years to come, and it is beneficial to be thoughtful and cautious moving forward. It may be helpful for a person to also think about how he or she can avoid mistakes during divorce as well.

The impact of divorce on a Wyoming small business

When a Wyoming couples decides to move forward with the process of ending their marriage, they will have to divide marital property. Property division is often one of the most complex aspects of divorce, and it can be even more complicated when the couple owns a family-run business. Deciding what will happen to a small business is not easy, but it will likely work one of three ways. 

Preparing for a divorce proceeding early on is a wise move

The marital dissolution process is usually difficult to navigate, not only emotionally but also from a paperwork standpoint. Nonetheless, people who are planning to get divorced can control their levels of preparation ahead of their divorce proceedings. A couple of steps can make the process of preparing for divorce seamless in Wyoming.

Who can be one's life insurance beneficiary after divorce?

Divorce changes everything. Just about every aspect of life is altered in some way. With so much to adapt to and so many details to work out, things get overlooked. One commonly forgotten detail is life insurance. In a Wyoming divorce, does the ex-spouse still get to be the beneficiary of one's life insurance policy?

Study shows that divorce has many causes

When people in Wyoming get married, they usually expect their marriages to last decades. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The reality is that nearly 11 percent of people who are above 14 years old in the United States have experienced divorce and have yet to remarry. Although couples end up divorcing for a variety of reasons, there are a few common causes of marital breakups.

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