Uncontested Divorce

Wyoming Uncontested Divorce Attorney

There are many issues to consider when approaching the end of a marriage — more than most couples realize. You and your former spouse may feel that you have worked everything out, but there may be issues that you haven’t addressed. Consulting an experienced divorce lawyer is the first step in any divorce proceeding — contested or not. At Zubrod Law Office, P.C., attorney Tracy Zubrod has more than 20 years of experience with uncontested divorce.Before proceeding with an uncontested divorce, Ms. Zubrod will discuss to determine whether you and your former spouse have truly worked out all of the details such as:
  • What is the equity in your home?
  • Are both parties eligible to refinance a joint mortgage?
  • Who will provide health insurance for your children?
  • Who will claim certain tax deductions?
  • If there are retirement accounts, what is the marital portion?

Depending on your answers to these questions, uncontested divorce may not be feasible. These issues are very difficult to address after the divorce process has begun. Attorney Zubrod will take steps to ensure that you have considered every piece of relevant information before moving forward with your divorce.

Process For Uncontested Divorce

If your divorce will be uncontested, Ms. Zubrod will file all necessary documents to initiate the divorce action. She will draft a divorce proposal that outlines the terms of the divorce, ensuring that it mirrors your goals. After conferring with your spouse’s attorney regarding any necessary revisions to the proposal, it will go to a court to be reviewed, approved and signed by a judge. In Wyoming, it can take as little as 20 days for a divorce to be completed.

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