Child Custody Modification

Child Custody Modification

Making Needed Changes To Child Custody And Support Orders

With a substantial change in circumstances, changes to existing child custody and child support orders may need to be considered. Generally, a change in circumstances is inevitable and will happen from time to time. In many cases, new developments call for alterations in the court orders concerning child custody, child support and visitation that were originally part of your divorce, and may arise from the loss of your job, an increase or decrease in your pay, a relocation, a major change in your child’s life, or a combination of these and many other factors.

An experienced attorney will help to ensure that modifications to custody, support or visitation orders fit your life and your needs. At the Zubrod Law Office, P.C., of Cheyenne, Wyoming, we know judges do not grant post-divorce modifications arbitrarily. Judges make changes after hearing a strong argument based on facts and law.

Experienced Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer

Many people are tempted to make changes on their own to child custody, support or visitation orders made by a court. The reality is that if you make those modifications on your own, even with the consent of your ex-spouse, you are in violation of a court order – a fact that can later be used against you by your ex-spouse if a dispute occurs. Attorney Zubrod will present the facts of your changed circumstances or that of your ex-spouse to a judge, working toward or objecting to the following types of post-decree modifications:

  • Child custody modification: These are often made when one parent is alleged to be incapable of acting in the child’s best interests. This inability can be due to a decrease in income or the loss of a job, alcohol/drug abuse, injury/disability, or relocation inside or outside Wyoming.
  • Visitation changes: If you or your ex-spouse’s work schedule or your child’s school activities have changed, among other reasons.
  • Child support modification: Similar to custody modification, changes to support are typically due to significant changes in income, loss of job, change in custody or birth or adoption of another child.

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