Divorce Mediation

Cheyenne Attorney: Divorce Mediation

At Zubrod Law Office, P.C., our founding attorney, Tracy Zubrod, is both a certified family law mediator and an attorney who advocates for her clients who participate in mediation. She has served as a mediator in many cases, including many complex property divisions and high-conflict custody cases.

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In many family law matters, mediation is mandatory. In others, couples have a choice whether to mediate. Regardless of the reason for exploring the option, mediation offers myriad benefits, including:

  • Empowerment. When you take your case before a judge, he or she has the final say in the outcome of your case — and you may not like the result. Mediation provides you with the opportunity to have a voice in the outcome of your divorce. In mediation, you will have the chance to actively participate in the process of deciding how to divide property, determine custody and set a visitation schedule.
  • Decreased costs. Because mediation can allow you to reach a settlement without waiting for months for a court date, it can significantly decrease the cost of getting a divorce.
  • Informality. Mediation is not as formal as court. You appear before a mediator instead of a judge, and in private. Overall, the process is far less stressful than litigation.
  • Confidentiality. Court is public, and so are the results of cases heard there. Mediation is private. Discussions are between the parties, their lawyers and the mediator.

If we are able to resolve issues such as property division, custody and visitation through mediation, we will present the agreement to the court for approval.

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