Child Relocation

Cheyenne Child Relocation Attorney

If either parent moves to another state or to another location that makes the existing custody and visitation schedule inoperable, you may want to discuss whether you have a basis to modify custody or visitation. At Zubrod Law Office, P.C., in Cheyenne, Wyoming, we represent parents on both sides of move-away disputes. For parents seeking to relocate, it is important to obtain the other parent’s permission or have the court modify an existing court order. For parents seeking to oppose the other parent’s relocation, it is critical to take quick and effective action by contacting an attorney.

Meeting The Needs Of Military Families

As a member of the military, you face the possibility of being transferred at any time. Tracy Zubrod has worked with many Wyoming military families and is prepared to help you resolve issues such as custody and visitation schedules.

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