Child Custody & Support

Child Custody & Support

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At our firm, we focus on helping you protect your child. We know that despite the stress and strain you experience as a parent in divorce, you want to protect your child from emotional harm. That is why we strive for amicable resolution of child custody arrangements, honoring your parental rights while safeguarding your child’s best interests.

Each case is different. We represent clients in a range of child custody and support matters, from those related to divorce or paternity proceedings to child custody for same-sex couples. We help establish custody and support, as well as modify or enforce existing court orders.

No matter what decisions you must make, we want you to be actively involved in the decision-making process regarding the parenting of your child, rather than have a judge impose custody orders after trial. When divorcing parents resolve their differences through cooperative negotiation or in mediation, they are in control of those crucial parenting decisions. An experienced attorney skillfully guides you through the legal process, helping you make informed decisions in crafting a durable, workable parenting plan.

Creating A Workable Parenting Plan

Parenting plans have in recent years become more creative, allowing both parents significant parenting time. It is possible to share custody, but there may be limitations depending on the facts of your case.

When attorneys and parties have the child’s best interests in mind, we find mutual agreement is usually possible. If parents cannot agree, the court makes custody decisions based on what it perceives as your child’s best interests. If a trial becomes necessary, we will aggressively protect your rights in court.

Fair And Equitable Child Support

The Wyoming child support formula is based on each parent’s net income. There are some deductions that will or will not be deducted when computing net income. With zealous advocacy from an experienced attorney, you ensure the court receives an accurate computation of net income.

Our law firm provides zealous and effective representation for parents with child support concerns related to divorce or paternity proceedings. We also help clients obtain post-divorce modifications to child support orders.

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