Child Custody Enforcement

Laramie County Custody Enforcement Attorney

Few things are as frustrating as one parent’s failure or refusal to abide by the terms of the child custody order. If a parent has not followed a provision of a court order, then you may have enforcement remedies to resolve the matter. Enforcement may address custody, visitation, child support and health insurance issues. Under the law, you do have the right to enforce the terms of the divorce decree. When your child’s other parent refuses to follow the child custody order, attorney Tracy Zubrod can enforce your rights and require him or her to comply with the provision of the custody order. If is critical to take action as soon as possible, especially if you believe that a co-parent intends to violate a child custody order by moving away with the children. Quick action can help prevent the other parent from taking the kids. Each case is different. Many parents are also wrongly accused of nonpayment of child support or interfering with a co-parent’s child custody and visitation with the children. Often, these allegations arise as part of other family law conflicts. Tracy Zubrod can defend parents who are accused of violating existing court orders.

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