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Attorney Handling Bankruptcy In Divorce Cases

Many marriages end because of financial differences or hardships. It may be necessary to consider bankruptcy options in conjunction with divorce. An experienced attorney can help you start fresh — by helping you dissolve your marriage and discharge your debts. At Zubrod Law Office, P.C., attorney Tracy Zubrod helps her clients exit their marriages and leave financial turmoil behind.You may be concerned about how your divorce will leave you financially, and rightly so, especially if you and your spouse have significant debts. For some couples, filing for bankruptcy before initiating divorce proceedings can leave them both better off once the marriage is over. If significant debt accumulation is an issue, then we should discuss your bankruptcy options.

Wyoming Debt Division Lawyer

The process of dividing marital property includes dividing debt. If you are awarded an asset, such as a house, generally you will also be responsible for the mortgage payment. If you are unable to make the payments, you will want to learn about mortgage refinance options. If you fall behind, it will affect not only your credit but your former spouse’s credit as well.

By filing a joint Chapter 7 bankruptcy before getting a divorce, unsecured debts such as credit card debt or medical bills may be discharged. Another option is to restructure your debt in a Chapter 13 proceeding.

Tracy Zubrod has more than 20 years of experience. She will initiate a frank discussion about your debt so you can determine if filing for bankruptcy prior to divorce is a good option.

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Without debt leftover from your marriage, you can truly move forward. Schedule a consultation with Tracy Zubrod to learn about bankruptcy in divorce. Contact her office in Cheyenne, Wyoming, at 307-369-5795 or 888-910-1377.

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