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When you are facing a divorce, custody battle or paternity suit, you need a lawyer who has a solid set of interpersonal communication skills. Attorney Tracy Zubrod supports her clients by communicating with them throughout their cases. From the moment you retain our firm until matters are resolved, we are available to answer your questions and provide clear guidance. It is important for your attorney to understand your goals. However, it is just as important for you to know what to expect as your case progresses. Ms. Zubrod will help you understand not only what it takes to be successful – but also what success in a family law case looks like.

Cheyenne Lawyer Handling Divorce Agreements And Other Family Law Matters

Attorney Tracy Zubrod provides effective legal counsel on a broad range of family law matters, such as:

In the middle of divorces, many people get caught up in fighting. Differences in opinion can cause you to lose sight of your goals and the resolution of the case. They can cause us to get sidetracked from the outcome you’re seeking.

Ms. Zubrod is skilled at navigating tumultuous situations. She will not only maintain a strong focus on your goals, but also help redirect focus so that your goals are never out of sight.

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