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Bitcoin adds complexity to property division

For investing, these days, it is a whole new world. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are popular, hard to understand and even harder to trace. When the time comes during a divorce for property division, this type of investment could be hard to value or easy to hide. Individuals entering the divorce process in Wyoming may be able to gain some useful details from a recent news story about this topic.

Property division: Don't lose track of rewards points

During a divorce, individuals may find themselves divvying up certain marital assets. A breakup can be a challenging time, and for many the process of documenting the assets, collecting financial information and copying important documents can be overwhelming. It's no surprise that some Wyoming couples may miss certain overlooked hidden assets, like rewards points or airline miles. 

Equitable property division matters for longterm security

Divorce is becoming more common for older individuals than ever before. Issues of property division and financial security are typically considered with every marital dissolution, but these issues may weigh more heavily for older individuals who are nearing retirement. A recent news article recommends a few tips from the experts for individuals in Wyoming to consider while undergoing the dissolution process to make long-term survival a bit easier. 

Property Division: Divide retirement accounts carefully

The end of the marriage comes with a series of endings and separations. One of the separations comes when the two individuals separate any joint savings and retirement accounts. Property division can be tricky, and it isn't always easy to know what is equitable. Plus, there are tax rules and Social Security rules to be conscious of. People in Wyoming considering divorce may wish to research the best strategy for dividing assets before making any major financial moves. 

How will a Thrift Savings Plan be split during property division?

A divorce can affect a person's various retirement accounts. Federal employees often utilize a type of savings account called the Thrift Savings Plan or TSP. Certain guidelines govern how the TSP can be handled during the property division portion of divorce proceedings. A recent news article gives details that Wyoming residents may find informative. 

Divorce preparation includes property division concerns

It can be tough to figure out all the vital details during a legal matter. Those in the know seem to agree that it is important to utilize professional services when needed to decide how to handle property division and allocation of assets during divorce. Residents of Wyoming may choose to take advice from a recent article that gives tips on how to prepare one's finances for divorce. 

Advice for those about to enter the divorce process

Nearly everyone here in Wyoming knows at least one person who ended his or her marriage. Because of this, there is often no shortage of advice from friends and family when it comes to divorce. Even co-workers offer advice. The problem is that every family is different, and what worked for one person -- or didn't work as the case may be -- may not be right for another person. However, there are some universal tips that everyone entering in the divorce process can benefit from.

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