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Military Divorce Archives

Blended Retirement System may affect military divorce

The retirement plan of U.S. military service people is changing next year, reports one news outlet. They write that, in 2018, the pension plan will be reduced, and the Department of Defense will then begin automatic and matching contributions into Thrift Savings Plans for service members. Some say the change may have unforeseen effects on divorce settlements. Although divorce rates are dropping, the new change could potentially affect many people in Wyoming. 

Does a military career equal military divorce?

The path a person chooses for their career can affect their life in many ways. It appears that some jobs by their very nature predispose couples to seek divorce. A recent news article highlights a review of U.S. Census data, and demonstrates that a military career can in fact lead to military divorce in Wyoming and all across the United States. 

Supreme Court ruling clarifies military divorce issue

An issue of how military pensions are distributed in divorce has gone all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Previously, in Wyoming and beyond, it was unclear if a disabled ex-spouse is responsible to make up the reduction in an ex-spouse's retirement benefits when the military pension is reduced due to receiving disability pay. The policy has varied from state to state, making the specifics of military divorce murky. Recently, the Supreme Court made the issue clearer by ruling that disabled ex-spouses do not have to make up any shortfalls if military pension payments are reduced for disability payments.

Benefits issues in military divorces

Military life has many unique aspects. This includes in what benefits a person has access to. Here in the U.S., there are structures in place which provide special benefits to members of the military and their family. This includes military retirement benefits and military health benefits.

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