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Determining child custody in Wyoming

The divorce process is challenging for any couple. Those who have children, however, have even more to deal with than those who don't. Determining the child custody arrangement is a very delicate process. All factors of the children's care, housing, time and emotional needs have to be considered. It is important for Wyoming couples to know the basics of how this extremely important arrangement is handled in their state.

Should parents retain child custody while in treatment for drugs?

The opioid crisis continues its grip on cities all over the country. Many states are seeing a surge in foster care numbers as parents lose child custody rights because of substance abuse. In Wyoming and other states, agencies are reconsidering whether parents should keep custody of their kids during treatment. In the past, some states have removed children from homes where parents are suffering from addiction, citing it as child neglect.

Shared parenting may be the new normal in child custody cases

Couples are changing the way they parent their children after divorce because of new shared parenting laws. The intent of these laws is to provide a legal presumption of equal rights for both parents in child custody proceedings, with the goal of establishing equal custody time when appropriate. Fathers' rights groups in Wyoming and many other states are pushing lawmakers to consider shared parenting arrangements during custody decisions.

The battle for child custody after addiction

The drug epidemic is spiraling out of control. For many, the hardest part of addiction is getting clean and staying that way. Trauma plays a big role in the triggers that lead to relapse, and without the proper resources, some will relapse repeatedly. In Wyoming and other states, some parents are fighting to regain child custody during recovery.

Successful child custody arrangements

Even the most amicable of divorces may still have parenting woes. Co-parenting is tough when the sting of the divorce and child custody hearings are still fresh. Experts recommend setting aside emotions and anger in the presence of the children. In Wyoming and other states, no matter how bad the situation, parents can set a good example for children through their behavior.

Parents could give up child custody temporarily under a new law

Parents who are facing crisis situations in their lives could give up custody of their children temporarily through private organizations. Under a new Senate bill enacted recently, parents can transfer child custody for up to one year without repercussions. Under this program, the number of children entering foster care in Wyoming and other states has dropped significantly.

In new age child custody, anything goes

Traditional custody arrangements are a thing of the past. Divorcing parents today are buying homes together, nesting together and doing everything to make their children happy. In Wyoming and other states, untraditional child custody arrangements may allow for stability and make it easier for both parents to be in their kid's lives as much as possible.

Child custody: Parents must abstain from alcohol when parenting

In 1998, a former Wyoming Highway Patrol Supervisor's 5-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident. His former wife, the child's mother, was driving drunk when the accident occurred, causing the death of their daughter. The couple had recently divorced because of her persistent problems with alcohol. Sadly, the couple's child custody order specifically provided that, when in the presence of their daughter, neither parent could consume alcohol.

Sports injuries an issue in child custody case

Emerging science about concussion injuries is leading some parents to ask whether it is safe to let their children play the game. For divorced parents, a disagreement about the child's sport injuries can lead to child custody issues. A recent case, covered in the news, may be of interest to Wyoming families with questions about custody and extra-curricular activities. 

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