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Does my ex-spouse get part of my inheritance?

As the potential for your marriage to end increases, you may be trying to gather your resources and make some preparations for what is sure to be a confusing and emotional time. There are many uncertainties, and you want to be sure you are not caught unprepared and unsure of your rights. In addition to child custody issues, you want to be sure you receive a fair share of your joint assets so that you will be able to establish yourself securely after the divorce.

It's no contest: uncontested divorce faster, simpler for everyone

Wyoming readers know the process of ending a marriage can be challenging. Regardless of how much two parties get along and are willing to remain amicable, it is never easy to divide two intertwined lives and make important financial and custody decisions. Despite the fact that this process can be difficult, some couples may be able to avoid litigation and keep their divorce out of court.

Creating a plan of action may help your divorce

Whether the decision to end your marriage was one you saw coming for some time or it caught you off guard, you may not be prepared for all the decisions and proceedings that will come along with the marriage dissolution process. From deciding the best method to move forward with the divorce to determining how to divide your assets or who gets custody of the kids, you may face many challenges. However, ending your marriage does not have to become an all-consuming, dreadful process.

Terminating parental rights to adopt a stepchild

In addition to marrying the love of your life, you were also fortunate that a great kid was part of the deal. You are one of the lucky stepparents with a strong relationship with your spouse's child, and that relationship has likely become an important part of your life. Undoubtedly, you have thought about the idea of adopting your stepchild, not necessarily to strengthen the bond you share, but to provide your stepchild with the legal and financial benefits of your parenthood.

What child custody negotiation methods may work for you?

Going through a divorce causes many aspects of life to change. Though some of these changes may feel worth it to escape an unhappy marriage, you may have particular concerns about certain other alterations to your life, especially those that affect your children. Because of your concern, you may want to prepare for making child custody decisions and determine what arrangements you feel may best suit your kids' needs.

Divorce and finances: A little planning can go a long way

Whether you're simply considering a divorce or have already begun proceedings, you likely have a lot on your mind. The end of a marriage can be a complicated and stressful time, with lots of issues to address and things to worry about. One concern typically stands far above others, however, and that is the issue of money.

Wyoming is an equitable division state

When you and your spouse tied the knot, you may have signed a prenuptial agreement.  If so, then you've likely already discussed the topic of property division laws in Wyoming. If you were more focused on planning a meaningful ceremony and building dreams for the future (not wanting to consider the possibility that things may not work out the way you'd hoped then you may be treading into unknown territory when it comes to how to divide your assets now that you've decided to divorce.

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