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Alimony and Child Support Archives

Celebrity house flippers in alimony dispute

Two celebrity house flippers have not been able to settle their disputes over post-marital payouts. The couple became famous for their mid-2000s' reality show "Flip This House." They split in 2012, but news of the couple has resurfaced since they landed back in court over a disagreement about alimony payments. Wyoming fans of the show may be wondering just how profitable house flipping can be after seeing details of the divorce agreement. 

How will a job change affect alimony payments?

A person's life path is rarely a straight line to a predetermined goal. Few people expect to divorce a spouse, and fewer still expect to have a drastic reduction in income over the course of a career. Nevertheless, these situations happen on the roller coaster of life, and big changes can affect a person's life greatly. Some individuals in Wyoming may be wondering how divorce and career might affect them -- specifically how an alimony payment would be affected if the person paying has a reduction in income. 

Alimony payments must be part of agreement to be tax deductible

The legally valid divorce or separation agreement is an important tool for divorcing couples. The terms negotiated in such an agreement can have lasting impacts for individuals. The tax implications of one alimony agreement are discussed in a recent news story which may provide some helpful information for persons considering divorce in the state of Wyoming.

Child support payments made easier with new program

As families figure out the details of separation and divorce, most parents will want to focus on strategies that support and benefit their children. Even if the parents are not able to maintain their marital relationship, they will want to take actions that serve the best interests of their children. In Wyoming, a common consideration for divorcing couples is the child support agreement. One program in another state has increased collection of child support payments by making access to payments much easier. 

Child support in a Wyoming divorce

When a Wyoming couple with children decides to divorce, many issues must be addressed. For example, the parting spouses must address how the children will be supported financially. One of the common methods to resolve this issue is the determination of child support. Child support terms are frequently determined by a court and are designed to help the lower-income spouse maintain a child's standard of living, no matter which parent has custody or visitation.

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