How to overcome guilt due to your divorce

How to overcome guilt due to your divorce

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Many emotions come with divorce, including guilt. Such feelings might come from the financial burden you place on your former spouse.

The money in your pocket is not only justifiable. It is vital for maintaining a comfortable living for both you and your children. Ridding yourself of a guilty conscience takes time, but it is possible.

Forgiving yourself

Healing begins with recognizing you did nothing wrong. It is merely a fact of life that soulmates sometimes fall out of love. Under such circumstances, divorce becomes inevitable. Dividing assets is a normal part of the process.

Also, realize that guilt does not change anything. You owe it to yourself to live a bright future. Focus on what is ahead, not the past.

Journaling daily

Writing is one method of working through psychological states, as it provides clarity. Read past entries aloud and see how they sound. Voicing your innermost thoughts might spur a change in perspective. It is far better to exorcise demons through pen and paper than by spewing vitriol at your ex.

Seeking help

There is no substitute for a professional therapist. Paying an expert to provide guidance is often money well spent. You do not need to worry if there is little room in your schedule for driving to see someone. These days, sessions happen virtually through phones and laptops. Another constructive option is becoming part of an online divorce support community.

Releasing divorce-related negativity is necessary for moving forward. Use these tips to triumph over a harmful frame of mind.