What does a DUI conviction do to a CDL?

What does a DUI conviction do to a CDL?

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Driving while under the influence is a serious offense. In Wyoming, a conviction may alter your career path if you drive a commercial motor vehicle. 

If you have a CDL and face a DUI conviction, you may find yourself unable to work for at least one year. Find out more about how Wyoming law handles a DUI conviction if you are a commercial driver. 

CDL terms

Driving a commercial vehicle requires a CDL or commercial driver’s license. Since commercial vehicles are weighty, crashes are more likely to end in fatalities. As such, the government requires drivers to obtain a CDL, that sets out additional rules of the road commercial vehicles must follow. One of them is driving sober, whether in a car or commercial vehicle. There is a zero-tolerance for a truck driver found driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. If an officer pulls your commercial vehicle over and administers a breath test, results of .04 BAC or greater may result in your CDL suspension. 

CDL suspension

A first DUI conviction will take your CDL for a year. If the commercial vehicle you drove at the time of the incident had hazardous materials as part of the haul, you may face three years without a CDL. Any subsequent DUI conviction may leave you without the license to operate a commercial vehicle for the rest of your life. 

When faced with a DUI conviction, your life may change drastically. If you drive a commercial vehicle for a living, the conviction may end your career and leave you with a long-term financial hardship.