Is it possible to expunge a DUI conviction?

Is it possible to expunge a DUI conviction?

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Few driving-related infractions have the potential to interfere with your life more than a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol. After all, not only may a conviction result in serious criminal consequences, but it may also make it difficult to find a job or even drive your vehicle.

DUI convictions typically stay on your driving record for a decade and in your criminal history forever. Fortunately, for many DUI convictions, it is possible to pursue an expungement. An expungement effectively removes your DUI conviction from your state criminal record.

Which DUI convictions are eligible for expungement?

Basic DUI infractions are usually misdemeanors in Wyoming. If you have three prior DUI convictions, though, prosecutors are likely to bring felony charges for your fourth. In the Cowboy State, it is not possible to expunge felony DUI convictions. Furthermore, you cannot pursue expungement for a DUI conviction that involved the use of a firearm.

Garden-variety misdemeanor DUI convictions, though, are often eligible for expungement, provided you meet certain requirements.

What requirements must you meet?

If you have a misdemeanor DUI conviction on your state record, you must wait at least five years from the date of your conviction to seek an expungement. You also must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete all sentencing requirements, including serving your jail sentence, paying fines and restitution and finishing substance abuse classes
  • File a petition for expungement of your misdemeanor DUI conviction
  • Pay all associated filing fees

Petitioning for a DUI expungement certainly has its advantages, as you may be able to conceal your conviction from employers and others. Still, before asking a judge to expunge your conviction, you must understand all potential legal and other consequences.