How will you manage if your license is suspended due to DUI?

How will you manage if your license is suspended due to DUI?

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Penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol are harsh in the state of Wyoming and suspended driving privileges are especially problematic. 

Driving may be the only way for you to get to work, college classes or other important destinations. How will you manage without a license? 

Understanding the issues

Public transportation may not be available to take you where you need to go, and you may have to rely on your vehicle. Unfortunately, a conviction for DUI includes suspension of your driving privileges for 90 days up to two years depending on the circumstances. However, there are options that would enable you to drive again. 

Attending alcohol education

In certain cases, the court might approve suspended sentencing or probation for a DUI offender. If either of these applies in your case, the judge may order you to participate in alcohol education, assessment and treatment, sometimes called “DUI School.” Attending alcohol education can reduce or replace certain penalties including jail time, fines and license suspension. As long as you complete the education or therapy program, you can expect the restoration of your driving privileges. 

Installing an IID

As a condition of your sentencing for DUI, the court may order you to have an ignition interlock device installed in any vehicle you drive. An IID is basically a small computer with a mouthpiece attached. You provide a breath sample and if you pass the test for zero blood alcohol content, the car will start. 

Protecting your rights

No doubt the ability to drive is important to you and an arrest on suspicion of DUI can affect that ability along with many others in your life. Remember that you have rights and those will be protected in a defense that focuses on the best outcome possible for your case.