Finding a good job will be easier if your record is expunged

Finding a good job will be easier if your record is expunged

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Expungement, or having a criminal record sealed and removed from the public record, is possible in the state of Wisconsin, but it is only allowed under certain circumstances.

If expungement is applicable for your situation, you can resume your normal life and look forward to achieving goals such as finding that job you have long wanted.

Misdemeanor expungement

The court may expunge your conviction for a misdemeanor, including simple assault, battery, breach of peace, reckless endangerment or domestic violence. If you did not use a firearm during the activity, expungement will be available five years after sentence completion.

Felony expungement

The court can approve expungement ten years after sentence completion for a single felony conviction if you have paid restitution and have had no other such convictions. However, it is not available for violent felonies, for felonies involving use of firearms, child endangerment, bribery, felony DUI, perjury, a drug distribution felony or various sexual crimes.

Expungement of non-convictions

Expungement is also available after 180 days if there are no charges filed or if the judge dismisses your case and there are no charges pending.

A look ahead

Achieving the goals you have in mind will be much easier if you have no criminal record. You might attend the university of your choice, rent an apartment in a part of town you like or perhaps become the preferred candidate for your dream job. If the court clears your conviction, you can honestly answer “no” when asked if you have a criminal record. Expungement allows you to tap into your potential and unlock the doors to a bright new future.