How much does a Wyoming DUI raise your auto insurance rates?

How much does a Wyoming DUI raise your auto insurance rates?

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When authorities in Wyoming charge you with drinking and driving, you have a lot to potentially lose. While the repercussions associated with driving under the influence tend to increase in severity with each additional offense, even first-time drunk drivers should expect to lose their licenses, pay significant fines and even potentially spend some time behind bars. 

Unfortunately, while the penalties directly related to drinking and driving are numerous, a DUI also typically has repercussions that may last well into the future. One such repercussion is a substantial automotive insurance rate increase. 

Big changes to insurance premiums 

Generally, all motorists, regardless of where they reside in the United States, are going to watch their insurance rates skyrocket after a drinking and driving conviction. In Wyoming, specifically, though, how much of an insurance rate hike should you anticipate? 

Wyoming motorists who receive convictions for drinking and driving are going to see some of the nation’s most sizable auto insurance rate increases. In fact, once you have a drunk driving conviction, you should anticipate paying more than 70% more for car insurance than you have in the past. To put this in numeric form, if your driving record was otherwise rather typical before your drunk driving conviction, you probably paid about $1,577 a year for insurance. After that DUI, though, expect to pay more like $2,703 each year for insurance coverage, which amounts to an annual difference of $1,126. 

Possible issues obtaining coverage 

While it may hurt your wallet to come up with another $1,126 a year for insurance coverage, you may also find that you have trouble finding an insurance provider that will cover you with a policy at all. Why? Once you have a drunk driving conviction, some insurers may consider you a liability and decide not to offer you coverage as a result. 

Drinking and driving comes with serious repercussions, and many of them are financial in nature. If you receive a conviction for a drunk driving-related offense, it is important that you understand all the consequences that come with it.