Millennials are less likely to divorce than any other age group

Millennials are less likely to divorce than any other age group

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In Wyoming and across the country, millennials are a demographic that tend to reject traditional practices and follow their own paths. This is also true in the way they approach marriage and divorce. While the divorce rate remains high in many other groups, that is not the case for millennials. Statistics indicate that this group saw an 18% drop in divorce numbers, which is the most significant change in the divorce rate in a very long time. 

Millennials are often motivated to do things differently from their parents, and many of them are children of divorce. Because they experienced first hand what it was like to grow up with divorced parents, it makes many of them view the concept of marriage and the process of divorce in different ways. One trend among millennials that reflects this is the fact that in this demographic, women tend to wait much longer to get married. Many establish careers before settling down, and there are a significant portion who decide not to have children. 

For this specific group, they are much less likely to date seriously in college and immediately following. They tend to have a desire to continue their youthful lifestyle longer. Because they are more likely to marry later, they are established and settled when they do choose to walk down the aisle. All of these factors and others may help Wyoming readers understand the surprising divorce trend numbers for this specific age group.

No matter a person’s age, the decision to divorce is still complicated. Whether a person has a career or is not yet financially established, it is wise for each individual facing divorce to work diligently to protect his or her interests. Millennials may have a lower divorce rate, but when they do divorce, they will find benefit in having experienced guidance.