What factors determine how much alimony a spouse will get?

What factors determine how much alimony a spouse will get?

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In a divorce, it is normal to have serious concerns regarding how the process will affect future interests and financial security. Through alimony, a lesser-earning spouse can have the support he or she needs to address the economic inequity that a spouse can experience in a divorce. There is no one-size-fits-all amount of support, and the exact amount and duration of the payments depends on the specific details of the individual situation.

In most Wyoming divorces, the issues of spousal support comes later, after issues such as property division have been resolved. At this point, a court will look at factors such as how long the couple was married, the job status of both parties, the lifestyle enjoyed by both parties and the ability of each spouse to earn an income. These considerations will help determine whether support is prudent and necessary for the individual situation.

Most of the time, spousal support is not permanent. A spouse may only receive alimony for a certain amount of time, typically long enough to adjust to new circumstances, go to school or find new employment. There are certain types of insurance and other options that can protect the interests of the recipient if the other spouse refuses to pay or is no longer able to pay due to disability or other reason.

Alimony could be crucial for a person’s financial stability after divorce. If a person wants to know if he or she is eligible, it may be help to seek an explanation of the legal options available in the individual situation. A couple may turn to a Wyoming court to resolve this issue, or they may negotiate a settlement out of court.