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March 2019 Archives

Missteps during divorce can lead to financial complications

Ending a marriage is not an easy choice, even if a person is confident that it is the right course of action. Divorce requires a Wyoming couple to make serious choices that may impact their future and long-term interests for years to come, and it is beneficial to be thoughtful and cautious moving forward. It may be helpful for a person to also think about how he or she can avoid mistakes during divorce as well.

Shared credit card debt: Who has to pay it after divorce?

Are you getting ready to work through the divorce process? Have you thought about what you want to get out of it? A lot of Wyoming residents who are preparing to end their marriages think about what assets they want to keep as part of their divorce settlements. However, many forget to consider who will get stuck paying back the shared credit card debt.

The impact of divorce on a Wyoming small business

When a Wyoming couples decides to move forward with the process of ending their marriage, they will have to divide marital property. Property division is often one of the most complex aspects of divorce, and it can be even more complicated when the couple owns a family-run business. Deciding what will happen to a small business is not easy, but it will likely work one of three ways. 

Child custody important issue, regardless of income level

When Wyoming parents choose to divorce, it can have a significant effect on the mental and emotional well-being of the children. Recently, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife announced their divorce, yet despite their millions of dollars and extensive success, they will also have to carefully navigate issues related to child custody. Having a significant amount of wealth does not preclude children from suffering negative consequences as a result of their parents' divorce.

Preparing for a divorce proceeding early on is a wise move

The marital dissolution process is usually difficult to navigate, not only emotionally but also from a paperwork standpoint. Nonetheless, people who are planning to get divorced can control their levels of preparation ahead of their divorce proceedings. A couple of steps can make the process of preparing for divorce seamless in Wyoming.

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