Study shows that divorce has many causes

Study shows that divorce has many causes

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When people in Wyoming get married, they usually expect their marriages to last decades. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The reality is that nearly 11 percent of people who are above 14 years old in the United States have experienced divorce and have yet to remarry. Although couples end up divorcing for a variety of reasons, there are a few common causes of marital breakups.

A recent research study showed that the most frequently cited reason for getting a divorce is not feeling committed to one’s spouse. A total of 75 percent of participants acknowledged this in the study. The next most common reason cited is infidelity at nearly 60 percent.

According to the study, another common reason for getting a divorce is arguing too much at nearly 58 percent. This is followed by marrying at too young of an age at more than 45 percent. The study participants reported that other problems contributing to divorce include money issues, domestic violence and drug problems.

In the state of Wyoming, the city where divorce apparently happens most frequently is Riverton, where more than 16 percent of the population is divorced. Of course, divorce can happen anywhere in the state, and it can be trying both emotionally and financially. This is true whether two spouses have been married for just a few years or several decades. Fortunately, an attorney can provide a divorcing spouse with the guidance that he or she needs to navigate divorce matters such as property division and alimony, and achieve the best outcome possible for himself or herself.