Konmari Method can be used to make divorce more positive

Konmari Method can be used to make divorce more positive

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Ending a marriage is often fraught with negativity. When two people decide to divorce, it is not typically a choice that comes with happiness; however, there are ways to focus on the positive. Two authors recently wrote a book that advises readers to apply techniques from a popular Netflix series “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” to their divorce. Here’s how the home organization method from the series can be adapted for divorcing individuals here in Wyoming.

First, the basic tenant of the “Konmari Method” – the technique developed by Marie Kondo and promoted by the two authors – is to discard any household items that do not create a sense of joy. The book’s authors say that people can take this idea and apply it to the negative thoughts they might have in relation to their divorce. It can help readers propel themselves forward through their divorce and emerge on the other side with more happiness.

For example, the authors say that gossip might be acceptable if one is speaking with very close friends, but people should avoid it with anyone else, especially on social media. They recommend that readers write down all thoughts of their exes, positive and negative, and determine what negatives they can let go of and which ones might actually help them stay neutral through the divorce. They also mention that while grieving the lost relationship is normal, readers should let go of it eventually and find moments to focus on the positives in life. Keeping a journal can be helpful, especially if used to outline future goals and ambitions.

No matter how a person feels about his or her divorce, it can be a difficult process. As such, divorcing Wyoming residents may find it beneficial to speak with an experienced divorce attorney who can guide them through the different aspects of the process. For its part, the Konmari Method can be part of a larger, comprehensive plan for those who wish to move on to a happier future.