Can likeliness of divorce be calculated?

Can likeliness of divorce be calculated?

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At one time, about half of all marriages in the United States ended in divorce. Thanks to the millennials, who like to do things their own way, that number has actually dropped in recent years. Due to several factors, millennials tend to delay marriage until an older age. This practice has contributed to their lower chances of divorce, dropping the divorce rate in Wyoming and nationwide. According to recent studies, there are several factors one can consider to estimate his or her own chances of one day becoming a divorcee.

Where one lives has a significant impact on his or her likeliness of divorce. Traditionally conservative states such as Wyoming have much higher divorce rates. Growing up in one of these states increases one’s chance of divorce by a startling 27 percent. Possible explanations for this include Wyomingites’ high marriage rates and young average age upon marriage.

A person is also more likely to get divorced one day if he or she witnessed his or her own parents divorce. According to one professor, those children experience a 40 percent higher chance of divorce. Even more significant is the impact on children who had at least one parent enter a second marriage after divorce. That leaves an impact of a 91 percent increase in divorce later in life for those children.

There are still more factors that have an impact on divorce rates. Religion has a direct impact on divorce rates with Evangelical Christians having an increased chance of divorce. Couples with a daughter are more likely to divorce. Also, lifestyle choices such as smoking directly affect divorce rate with couples in which only one spouse smokes seeing higher rates than nonsmokers or couples where both spouses smoke.

Although one couple may fall into every high risk category listed, this still doesn’t mean their marriage is doomed. No calculations can definitively determine whether or not one marriage will succeed or another will fail. There are many factors in life that determine the choices one makes. If a spouse finds him or herself at a point where continuing the marriage is no longer an option, the first course of action he or she should take is securing the aid of a knowledgeable divorce attorney. Doing so will greatly help ease the burden of navigating the Wyoming legal system and increase the likeliness of a smooth process.