When a child support order can be modified

When a child support order can be modified

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When going through a divorce, parents put the most care and consideration into the decisions that involve their children. There are times, however, that circumstances change, and the decisions that were based on what made the most sense at the time have to be changed at a later date. Child support arrangements, although carefully constructed at the time of divorce, often have to be modified later on. There are several situations that will lead a Wyoming court to modify a pre-existing child support order.

The first, most obvious, reason for an adjustment in child support is a change in income. If a parent experiences a loss of or decrease in income, that parent may no longer be able to provide as much financial support for the care of the children. This would include both the parent who pays child support as well as the parent who receives the support. The other parent may then need to be responsible for a larger portion of their financial support. Alternatively, if a parent receives an increase in income, he or she may then be expected to pay a larger portion toward the care of the child.

Following divorce, many parents end up getting married again and often have additional children. When this happens, that parent may petition the court to have the financial obligation toward his or her older children decreased. This would help the parent be able to financially provide for children from the later marriage as well as the children from the earlier marriage.

Children’s needs change throughout their lives. There may be special needs that arise that come with additional expenses. Examples of this would include braces, sports supplies and field trips. When these needs come about, a modification may be needed to adjust the portion each parent pays to cover the added expenses.

Modifications to child support agreements may be temporary or permanent. Child support agreements are constantly evolving to adapt to the ever-changing financial needs of the children and changing financial abilities of the parents. With the help of a knowledgeable Wyoming family law attorney, the parents can work together to reach agreements that meet the needs of the children and abilities of the parents in the best way possible. This will help ease the financial as well as emotional stresses that the family may face.