Child custody plan not working? You may be able to change it

Child custody plan not working? You may be able to change it

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When creating a custody plan during the divorce process, you are basically making a plan you hope will work out. You do not really know if it will work for your family until you put it into action. If you have found that your current custody order is not working out for your family, the state of Wyoming may allow you to change it.

Why would you want to change your custody plan? How do you go about getting an adjustment?

The why

Everyone has his or her own reasons when it comes to seeking a custody modification. The most common reason people seek custody adjustments is that they believe it will be better for the children and the family as a whole. Other reasons to do it include:

  • There are concerns over a child’s safety.
  • One parent has the need to relocate.
  • One parent is not sticking with the plan.
  • One parent passes away or gives up parental rights.

No matter what your why is, in order for a modification request to receive court approval, the plan must serve the best interests of the affected children.

The how

There are actually two ways to achieve a custody modification in Wyoming. First, parents can try to negotiate new terms privately with the help of legal counsel or in mediation. If they do come to agreeable terms, the new plan will have to go to court for approval before it can be put into action.

The second way to seek a custody modification is to submit an official request in court. Parents could take this action if they cannot come to terms without the court stepping in. If your case goes to court, prepare yourself for a hearing because a judge will want to hear from each parent. The court may also want to hear from the child before making a final decision on the matter.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change a child custody order. There just needs to be a significant enough reason to do it. Wyoming courts understand that children need stability. Frequently changing custody plans will not offer them that. If you think a custody modification would best serve your family’s needs, legal counsel can help you take the steps necessary to seek the desired adjustments.