No one is to blame for divorce in Wyoming

No one is to blame for divorce in Wyoming

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When the word gets out that a couple is getting divorced, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is, “why?” Everyone seems to want to know whose fault it was, what happened and how long it has been going on. They want all the juicy details. The courts don’t have the same interests. When it comes to divorce, Wyoming is what is known as a “no fault” state.

When a spouse files for divorce in some states, he or she is allowed to file based on evidence of some wrongdoing or fault of the other spouse. For example, a spouse may file for divorce because the other spouse committed adultery or abuse. The petitioner is asking the court to grant a divorce because their marriage is irreparable due to the other spouse’s actions.

In no fault divorce states such as Wyoming, the divorce is not granted based on a “fault” of either spouse. Normally “irreconcilable differences” are cited as the reason for the divorce. This process doesn’t place the blame on either spouse, which often makes for a more amicable split. It is intended to keep the couple on better terms because neither is pointing a finger at the other and assessing blame for the divorce.

Even though Wyoming is a “no fault” state, there are times when the reason for the divorce may be relevant. When the marital assets are being divided, the actions of the spouses may become a factor in the division. For example, if one spouse was having an affair and was spending a large amount of marital money on another person, that may impact how the remaining assets are divided. Also, if one of the spouses has a new significant other, the child custody agreement may be affected. For example, if they are already living together or if the new person could be considered a danger to the children, the judge will take that into consideration when determining the custody arrangement.

Overall, it is best if a couple who is divorcing in Wyoming can do so without placing blame. It provides a smoother process for both the spouses and the children. With the help of an experienced divorce attorney the couple can amicably navigate the divorce process while improving their chances of maintaining a positive relationship that can hopefully continue.