Do I really need an attorney for my divorce?

Do I really need an attorney for my divorce?

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Like other couples in Wyoming, you may be hoping to settle your divorce as quietly and civilly as possible. Perhaps you and your spouse have already outlined some points of agreement and tabled others for further consideration. Maybe you are ready to agree to whatever your spouse demands just to get it over with.

Have you hired an attorney? One way in which divorcing couples seek to keep the level of contention low is to handle the divorce without the interference of lawyers. If you have dismissed the idea of consulting a divorce attorney, you may be unwittingly giving up crucial rights that may affect your future. In fact, there are numerous benefits to having a legal advocate during this difficult time.

How an attorney can benefit you

For most people going through a divorce, this is a new experience. Other than watching from a distance as friends and family members suffered through their own marriage breakups, you may have little understanding of how the law works in Wyoming and what you can expect from a family court. You may also be unaware of the protections the law offers you and how to claim those protections. While you may be reluctant to spend the money on legal fees, some of the benefits you may gain include the following:

  • You will have the advice and guidance of someone who is not emotionally invested in the situation.
  • Your attorney will handle the paperwork, motions and deadlines that accompany most legal processes, including divorce.
  • You will have the benefit of your lawyer’s experience in dealing with the judges, other attorneys and court procedures in your jurisdiction.
  • Your attorney’s skill at negotiating the critical issues of a divorce — child custody, support disputes, property division — can improve your chances of a fair settlement or court order.
  • Your attorney knows the divorce laws in Wyoming and can make sure your agreement falls within the parameters of those laws.

While it is possible that bringing an attorney into your divorce could lead to all the negative results you fear, if you meet with several and interview them carefully, you are likely to find one who fits your personality and communicates well with you. Communication is vital since your legal advocate must understand your goals and work to help you achieve them. With the right attorney, you will maintain control over your divorce without dealing with the stress of the legal process.