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October 2018 Archives

No one is to blame for divorce in Wyoming

When the word gets out that a couple is getting divorced, the first thing that comes to most people's minds is, "why?" Everyone seems to want to know whose fault it was, what happened and how long it has been going on. They want all the juicy details. The courts don't have the same interests. When it comes to divorce, Wyoming is what is known as a "no fault" state.

Divorce of the wealthy may be friendlier

Money has an impact on everything people do in Wyoming and across the globe. It impacts how people dress, what they drive, where they live and how they spend their time. According to some, it may even affect how amicable they are during divorce. It appears that people who are considered wealthy may, in general, be more agreeable during their divorces than those who don't have as much money. There are several reasons behind this logic.

Do I really need an attorney for my divorce?

Like other couples in Wyoming, you may be hoping to settle your divorce as quietly and civilly as possible. Perhaps you and your spouse have already outlined some points of agreement and tabled others for further consideration. Maybe you are ready to agree to whatever your spouse demands just to get it over with.

Inheritances may be divided in Wyoming divorce

It seems that ending a marriage is all about division. Custody, property, finances and even the family pets are divided between the two spouses during divorce. Although so much of one's life is suddenly subject to being split, many take for granted that certain financial assets such as inheritances are exempt from the division process that is taking place. That could be a costly assumption as that is not necessarily true in Wyoming.

Determining child custody in Wyoming

The divorce process is challenging for any couple. Those who have children, however, have even more to deal with than those who don't. Determining the child custody arrangement is a very delicate process. All factors of the children's care, housing, time and emotional needs have to be considered. It is important for Wyoming couples to know the basics of how this extremely important arrangement is handled in their state.

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