Unique approach to reduce delinquent child support payments

Unique approach to reduce delinquent child support payments

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When a Wyoming couple or others around the country go through a divorce, there are countless issues to resolve. This is particularly true if the couple has children. Often, one parent is required to pay child support to the other to provide financial help in raising the children. Unfortunately, not every person who should pay child support does so. While these individuals may offer up a variety of excuses about why they don’t pay child support, a judge in another state recently made efforts to squash one reason that is frequently given.

Persons who are behind in their child support payments often have to go before a judge. One probate judge constantly heard that the reason why support payments were late or not made at all was due to not having a job. The judge was exasperated to hear this excuse because he was aware of many employment opportunities in the area. He decided to make that excuse impossible to use in his courtroom.

The judge began scrolling a PowerPoint presentation with information about available job openings. The information is shown on screens all around the courtroom, including a large one behind the witness stand. When a defendant stands before the judge, screen after screen with phrases like help wanted, come join our team or inquire within are shown.

The approach seems to be working. Information about job openings is coming in to the judge from individuals in the community. Staffing agencies are also providing details about opportunities. However the effort may grow, the judge’s goal was to ultimately help the children in his area by ensuring that they receive the support to which they are entitled.

Efforts like this may be occurring in a handful of courtrooms across the country; however, there are still hundreds of people behind in their child support payments. A Wyoming divorce attorney can help individuals seek delinquent payments from an ex-spouse. An experienced lawyer is also instrumental in establishing favorable terms of child support for a client during family court proceedings.