Divorce issues: Celebrities include unusual provisions in prenups

Divorce issues: Celebrities include unusual provisions in prenups

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There comes a time for many Wyoming couples and others across the country when they simply don’t want to stay together in a marriage any longer. The decision to divorce is no respecter of persons — people at any age or any socio-economic status can decide to call it quits in a relationship. When a divorce is eminent, the issue of property division is handled more expeditiously if a couple has a prenuptial agreement in place. While prenups are available to anyone, most celebrities consider them to be a prerequisite to a marriage. Several well-known couples have some interesting provisions in their marital agreements.

For example, Jessica Biel has a clause in her prenup with Justin Timberlake that guarantees she will receive $500,000 if he is unfaithful to her. If Beyonce were to get a divorce from Jay-Z, she would be paid $5 million for every child the couple has. Although Katie Holmes was set to receive $3 million for every year she was married to Tom Cruise, she has received just $400,000 a year for child support.

The agreement between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban stipulated that the singer would lose any money he would receive in a divorce should he start to use drugs or alcohol again. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have become embroiled in a custody battle for their children as well as division of their assets. It is worth noting that this celebrity couple apparently didn’t have a prenup.

Every couple may not have millions of dollars to divide, nor have their names plastered on every tabloid. However, the issues surrounding each couple’s divorce are important to the individuals involved. To see that a person’s current and future needs are addressed, it is important to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable Wyoming divorce attorney. A trusted lawyer will seek the best outcome possible in the proceedings for a client.