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September 2018 Archives

Prepare for a delay in alimony and/or child support

As Wyoming spouses prepare to end their marriage, a long list of to-do items awaits. Determining which of these tasks should take priority over the others is not always easy. Financial matters should rank near the top of that list, however, because there will be expenses that need to be taken care of well before matters of alimony and/or child support are finalized. 

Parental conflict has an impact on children in divorce

There is no getting around the fact that your divorce will have an impact on your children's lives. However, divorce doesn't necessarily have to mean an end to a happy lifestyle. A key factor in moving on in life is support, and in particular, support that keeps the lines of communication open, so your kids can share their feelings when they're ready.

Prenups can be useful documents in divorce process

When a Wyoming couple or others around the nation decide to end their marriages, one of the many issues they must resolve is how to divide their marital property. Each state has specific guidelines about how this should occur in a divorce. However, many couples elect to create a prenuptial agreement to deal with how their property should be divided. Financial analysts believe that developing a prenup may be in some couples' best interests.

Unique approach to reduce delinquent child support payments

When a Wyoming couple or others around the country go through a divorce, there are countless issues to resolve. This is particularly true if the couple has children. Often, one parent is required to pay child support to the other to provide financial help in raising the children. Unfortunately, not every person who should pay child support does so. While these individuals may offer up a variety of excuses about why they don't pay child support, a judge in another state recently made efforts to squash one reason that is frequently given.

Divorce issues: Celebrities include unusual provisions in prenups

There comes a time for many Wyoming couples and others across the country when they simply don't want to stay together in a marriage any longer. The decision to divorce is no respecter of persons -- people at any age or any socio-economic status can decide to call it quits in a relationship. When a divorce is eminent, the issue of property division is handled more expeditiously if a couple has a prenuptial agreement in place. While prenups are available to anyone, most celebrities consider them to be a prerequisite to a marriage. Several well-known couples have some interesting provisions in their marital agreements.

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