How to avoid contempt of court charges in a divorce

How to avoid contempt of court charges in a divorce

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More and more people in Wyoming and other states choose amicable uncouplings if their marriages come to an end. After all, an uncontested divorce allows a couple to draft a settlement agreement that suits them both. However, both parties will have to meet legal requirements, and anyone who does not follow the court’s orders might face contempt of court charges.

This is likely the last thing anyone wants to add to an already trying time. For that reason, it might help to be aware of violations that might lead to contempt charges and to avoid them. A child custody agreement requires both parents to comply with the court order. Failure to abide by, or interference with, the arrangements could jeopardize a parent’s custodial or visitation rights. It also applies to grandparents who interfere with the relationship between the child and a parent.

Financial contempt of court charges could follow a spouse’s failure to provide personal property, bank accounts or real estate as ordered by the court. Non-payment of spousal or child support can also lead to such charges. If a divorce involves protection or restraining orders, violations of those will likely result in contempt charges. Furthermore, it must be noted that, although contempt of court orders that are divorce related are typically civil actions, custody and restraint violations could lead to criminal contempt charges.

The best way to avoid being charged with contempt of court might be to secure the services of an experienced Wyoming divorce attorney from the onset. Having skilled support and guidance from the planning stage can be invaluable. A lawyer who is familiar with the relevant circumstances can assist and advise throughout ensuing legal proceedings, and ensure all requirements are met and no rules are violated.