4 questions to ask yourself when considering divorce

4 questions to ask yourself when considering divorce

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It is a fact of life that not every relationship lasts forever. You may have certainly entered into your marriage with the intention of loving and staying with your spouse for the rest of your life, but over time, you have noticed that those original intentions may no longer suit the situation.

You may feel conflicted over the desire to end the marriage, and that feeling can affect anyone in this type of scenario. Divorce is a major life change, and you will likely find it helpful to consider how this action could affect the various aspects of your life.

Are you sure you want the divorce?

Because ending a marriage does come with so many consequences, you certainly want to make sure that you feel entirely confident that this choice suits your circumstances. By assessing your reasons for wanting the divorce and your feelings associated with the situation, you may feel more at ease moving forward knowing that this is the path you truly want to take.

Do you understand your marital property?

When it comes to property division proceedings, Wyoming is an equitable division state. This means that the court will divide your marital, or community, property in an equitable but not necessarily equal manner. Community property refers to any assets that entered the household after the marriage took place. If you have concerns about what items you could potentially lose or maintain in the divorce proceedings, you may want to make a list of the applicable assets.

What will your finances look like after divorce?

Divorce can take a substantial toll on your finances. Not only will you have to contend with the necessary court costs, but you will also need to remember that you may have to pay alimony or child support or possibly have the need to receive such support. Additionally, the assets you obtain in the property division proceedings could have an impact on your finances as well. For example, if you keep the house, you will have to make mortgage payments and handle the necessary taxes on a single income.

Where can you turn for help?

Dissolving a marriage can take time and considerable effort. If you have specific goals you want to reach in your divorce settlement, you may need to form strategies, know how to negotiate and have solid arguments. Fortunately, you do not have to take these steps on your own, and an attorney could help you through each portion of the divorce process.