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July 2018 Archives

Back child support can be deducted from Social Security

Past-due credit card debt, delinquent personal loans or medical bills are no longer a worry if a person is collecting Social Security benefits. However, if money is owed to the U.S. government in the form of child support, alimony or income taxes, benefits may be in jeopardy of garnishment. In Wyoming and other states, creditors can still take legal action against other assets to recoup debts owed to them.

Realistic expectations during alimony negotiations

One of the most difficult-to-navigate processes of any divorce is negotiating spousal support. Experts say after everything else in a divorce has fallen into place, alimony is typically the last piece that completes the puzzle. In Wyoming and other states, preparation is often the best defense during complex alimony negotiations.

Divorce is tough on people and credit scores

Experts say rebuilding credit after a divorce is possible, but it takes the same hard work and solid spending habits that secured that high credit score in the first place. They recommend closing joint accounts if possible and requesting credit reports from all leading credit bureaus. Residents of Wyoming often find that divorce is just as tough on credit scores as it is on the people involved.

Child support modification may take place after a disability

Having a child was one of the highlights of your life, and after going through divorce, you were likely overjoyed to have the custody outcomes ruled in your favor. Of course, you understand that raising a child can have numerous costs, and you rely on child support from the other parent in order to provide for your child as best as possible.

Negotiating a settlement in a military divorce

For those considering ending their marriages, the procedural process is the same whether one is a civilian or military personnel. However, there are some extenuating factors for those who are contemplating a military divorce. Military couples in Wyoming and elsewhere should have a basic understanding of the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act. The USFSPA provides federal guidelines to states on issues such as military retirement, spousal support and child support.

A divorce does not have to wreck retirement

Some compare the end of a marriage to be as destructive as the Great Recession on retirement accounts. However, some retirement experts say there may be retirement savings during a divorce. In Wyoming and other states, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order may allow a spouse to receive money from a 401(k) account without penalties for early withdrawal. These funds are subject to regular income tax, and experts recommend saving the payout for retirement.

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