The battle for child custody after addiction

The battle for child custody after addiction

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The drug epidemic is spiraling out of control. For many, the hardest part of addiction is getting clean and staying that way. Trauma plays a big role in the triggers that lead to relapse, and without the proper resources, some will relapse repeatedly. In Wyoming and other states, some parents are fighting to regain child custody during recovery.

One young woman claims to have become addicted to drugs at a young age while moving in and out of juvenile detention, living on the street and in jail. For her, a traumatic event led her to abuse drugs, get pregnant and lose custody of her child. Her daughter was whisked away to foster care after birth because of her addiction to drugs.

Another woman tells about her addiction to crack and heroin and how she lost custody of her son because of her disease. For her, the hardest thing was getting off drugs, and she is now raising her newborn grandchild because of her son’s addiction. These parents are using their painful experiences to help other families who are experiencing similar problems and are advocating for change.

Children’s lives are impacted every day because of the opioid epidemic that is running rampant across the country. For those in recovery and trying to regain custody of their child, the system is broken. In Wyoming and elsewhere, those with concerns about child custody issues may benefit from speaking with an attorney. A seasoned lawyer will honor the best interest of the child while representing his client’s quest for parental rights.

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