Shared parenting may be the new normal in child custody cases

Shared parenting may be the new normal in child custody cases

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Couples are changing the way they parent their children after divorce because of new shared parenting laws. The intent of these laws is to provide a legal presumption of equal rights for both parents in child custody proceedings, with the goal of establishing equal custody time when appropriate. Fathers’ rights groups in Wyoming and many other states are pushing lawmakers to consider shared parenting arrangements during custody decisions.

The National Parent Organization, a fathers’ rights advocacy group, has asked that a bill be reviewed by state governments to integrate shared parenting. In 2017, over 20 states have given consideration to the shared parenting bill.  Under the proposed uniform law, both parents would play an active role in their children’s lives. Some feel that by taking careful screening of each case out of the court’s hands, the bill would put parents interest above the best interest of the child.

Critics agree that the move toward shared parenting is noble, but some believe it may prove harmful in situations with domestic violence. While the existing laws have provisions in place to protect victims of domestic violence, critics argue that this new legislation would unravel these protections. Some fear domestic violence survivors would be forced into the new arrangement that could be harmful to both parent and child.

Studies show that children thrive best by having both parents in their lives. An agreement from both parents to put the quality of time spent over quantity is the key to success. Wyoming parents who have questions or are considering shared parenting may benefit from speaking with a child custody attorney about any concerns they may have.

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