Military divorce: Honoring military spouses for their service

Military divorce: Honoring military spouses for their service

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There is no one more committed than a military spouse. It is a difficult job when his or her partner is deployed in another part of the world. In the realm of deployment, spouses are the silent heroes who hold a military family together. In Wyoming and elsewhere, the military divorce rate of the 689,060 married soldiers was 21,290 in 2017.

On a Friday in May, military spouses were honored for the many sacrifices they make. Former President Reagan introduced Proclamation 5184 in 1984 in recognition and appreciation of military spouses. The Department of Defense would later recognize the Friday before Mother’s Day as Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

A veteran’s service organization known as the Blue Star Mothers is a group of women who have children serving in the military. They are well known for assembling care packages for troops overseas during the holiday season. These mothers say they have a complete appreciation for their children’s spouses while they are away serving their country. Military spouses will often have to relocate because of deployment to a location that is not close to family or friends. It can be difficult for them to find a support system with frequent moves to new locations.

The added stress of deployment and the additional responsibility of parenting and frequent moves can lead to a military divorce. Some believe having a Military Spouse Appreciation Day will encourage people to reach out to military spouses in Wyoming and other states throughout the year and offer their help. Should the spouse of an active military member find no other recourse that to dissolve his or her marriage, he or she can find invaluable support and guidance from a family law attorney well versed in military divorce proceedings.

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