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May 2018 Archives

Shared parenting may be the new normal in child custody cases

Couples are changing the way they parent their children after divorce because of new shared parenting laws. The intent of these laws is to provide a legal presumption of equal rights for both parents in child custody proceedings, with the goal of establishing equal custody time when appropriate. Fathers' rights groups in Wyoming and many other states are pushing lawmakers to consider shared parenting arrangements during custody decisions.

When child support is not getting paid

As part of your divorce decree, your ex received an order to pay child support to you for your children. He or she may have started out paying monthly as per the terms of the child support order, but months or years down the line, you are no longer getting paid. What can you do?

Avoid IRS headaches with IRA transfers during a divorce

Years after the divorce was over and the papers had been signed, a doctor found himself on the wrong side of the Internal Revenue Service. He ended up in Tax Court for failure to pay taxes on $140,000 in IRA distributions he paid to his wife several years earlier in 2014. Residents who divorce in Wyoming and other states can avoid tax burdens when transferring from an IRA with the help of their legal advisor.

Military divorce: Honoring military spouses for their service

There is no one more committed than a military spouse. It is a difficult job when his or her partner is deployed in another part of the world. In the realm of deployment, spouses are the silent heroes who hold a military family together. In Wyoming and elsewhere, the military divorce rate of the 689,060 married soldiers was 21,290 in 2017.

The battle for child custody after addiction

The drug epidemic is spiraling out of control. For many, the hardest part of addiction is getting clean and staying that way. Trauma plays a big role in the triggers that lead to relapse, and without the proper resources, some will relapse repeatedly. In Wyoming and other states, some parents are fighting to regain child custody during recovery.

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