Parents could give up child custody temporarily under a new law

Parents could give up child custody temporarily under a new law

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Parents who are facing crisis situations in their lives could give up custody of their children temporarily through private organizations. Under a new Senate bill enacted recently, parents can transfer child custody for up to one year without repercussions. Under this program, the number of children entering foster care in Wyoming and other states has dropped significantly.

There are parents in need drug rehabilitation as well as those who have recently lost their jobs. Some are homeless and do not have the means to care for their kids. In most cases, these parents are not abusing or neglecting their children, they have just run out of resources and need additional help. Parents can transfer the custody of their child temporarily until they gain stability in their lives.

Under the proposed law, parents would use a power of attorney to transfer custody through a legitimate source such as a child-placement program or church. There would be no liability for abandonment, and they would not be deprived their custodial rights. Before placing a child in a home, safeguards and background checks would be put in place to protect children from entering bad facilities.

Giving up temporary custody can be a difficult and emotional decision for any parent to make. In Wyoming and elsewhere, parents who are at a difficult time in their lives may contact an attorney to discuss the steps involved. A lawyer who has extensive experience handling child custody issues will focus on protecting the rights of his or her client and the best interests of the client’s child.

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