Military divorce rate holding steady for four years running

Military divorce rate holding steady for four years running

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The divorce rate among military personnel has been holding steady for the fourth year in a row. Statistics show that the rate continues to hover between 3 and 3.1 percent. Military divorce rate numbers are compiled by calculating the number of enlisted troops who are married in the personnel system at the beginning of the year and comparing it with the number of military divorces over the year. In Wyoming and other states, military marriages have seen a steady decline in recent years.

Despite these findings, the divorce rate among women in the military continues to be much higher than men. Studies revealed that female Marines showed a steady increase in divorce rates since 2012. It is unclear why the rates are higher than those for men, but it could be a sign that policies regarding Marine families are not geared toward married women.

While the divorce rate has not changed much overall, marriage in the military has been declining since 2011. Military members typically have higher rates of marriage because of the generous benefits such as a housing allowance that is only available to married couples. Another contributing factor for the decline in marriage might be the millennial generation who are not interested in the traditional support that comes with a military marriage.

A military divorce can often be a disconcerting time for all parties involved. The stresses of a military career can affect both parties with active duty deployments, constant moves and the fear of starting over. Those in Wyoming who are considering divorce may consult an attorney who is well-informed about military benefits, pensions and other financial factors.

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