Sports injuries an issue in child custody case

Sports injuries an issue in child custody case

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Emerging science about concussion injuries is leading some parents to ask whether it is safe to let their children play the game. For divorced parents, a disagreement about the child’s sport injuries can lead to child custody issues. A recent case, covered in the news, may be of interest to Wyoming families with questions about custody and extra-curricular activities. 

In the news story, the two parents wage a battle. The father has requested that the son not be permitted to play football, in light of the science and also due to the fact that the boy has had three separate concussions already. The mother argues that the boy is old enough to understand the risks and also that he has been cleared to play by physicians. She feels so strongly about the issue that she has sought sole legal custody in relation to extra-curricular activities.

The sole custody motion was a response to one judge’s decision to allow the father to prevent his son from playing football, based on the best interests of the child. This motion was enough for the judge to allow the boy to resume while the sole custody motion was pending. For now, the boy continues to play the sport, and the father has indicated that he will continue to pursue the matter in court. 

The issue of contact sports will likely remain a contentious one between some parents, especially in locations where football and other sports are highly valued. In Wyoming, this issue can certainly lead to child custody problems. While the science is still emerging, family courts will handle the matter on a case-by-case basis. A parent who needs to make decisions about a child’s welfare that is in contrast to the co-parent may find the assistance of an experienced family law attorney useful.

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