In new age child custody, anything goes

In new age child custody, anything goes

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Traditional custody arrangements are a thing of the past. Divorcing parents today are buying homes together, nesting together and doing everything to make their children happy. In Wyoming and other states, untraditional child custody arrangements may allow for stability and make it easier for both parents to be in their kid’s lives as much as possible.

Gone are the times where dads get Wednesday night dinners and every other weekend with their kids and moms hold primary custody. Now, the emphasis is on what is best for the child, not what the family wants. Studies support this new age of parenting and find that preschoolers have fewer behavioral and psychological problems when in a joint custody situation.

Today, parents are taking a mindful approach over the one-size-fits-all arrangements of the past. Parents are teaming up to and create a plan that fits the needs of everyone in the family. They are modernizing arrangements, and if the kids are happy, anything goes. For some, staying in the family home but in separate bedrooms worked for them. Others chose a Sunday to Sunday arrangement so that each parent got an entire week and open communication with the child on his or her off weeks.

Almost everyone agrees there is no perfect solution when dealing with child custody issues. However, the focus should be on what is best for the child. Even the best thought-out parenting agreements sometimes do not work. In Wyoming, those who are facing challenges during divorce and custody proceedings may contact a skilled family law attorney for answers to their questions and concerns.

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