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March 2018 Archives

After a divorce, who claims the kids?

Children can play a major role as dependents when filing taxes. Claiming children on income taxes is normally cut and dry, but sometimes, another person will claim those same dependents. This problem most commonly surfaces after a divorce when both parties want to claim the children for tax purposes. In Wyoming and other states, taxes can be complex, and it may be in one's best interest to contact a qualified tax professional.

It's no contest: uncontested divorce faster, simpler for everyone

Wyoming readers know the process of ending a marriage can be challenging. Regardless of how much two parties get along and are willing to remain amicable, it is never easy to divide two intertwined lives and make important financial and custody decisions. Despite the fact that this process can be difficult, some couples may be able to avoid litigation and keep their divorce out of court.

In new age child custody, anything goes

Traditional custody arrangements are a thing of the past. Divorcing parents today are buying homes together, nesting together and doing everything to make their children happy. In Wyoming and other states, untraditional child custody arrangements may allow for stability and make it easier for both parents to be in their kid's lives as much as possible.

Child custody: Parents must abstain from alcohol when parenting

In 1998, a former Wyoming Highway Patrol Supervisor's 5-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident. His former wife, the child's mother, was driving drunk when the accident occurred, causing the death of their daughter. The couple had recently divorced because of her persistent problems with alcohol. Sadly, the couple's child custody order specifically provided that, when in the presence of their daughter, neither parent could consume alcohol.

Sports injuries an issue in child custody case

Emerging science about concussion injuries is leading some parents to ask whether it is safe to let their children play the game. For divorced parents, a disagreement about the child's sport injuries can lead to child custody issues. A recent case, covered in the news, may be of interest to Wyoming families with questions about custody and extra-curricular activities. 

Bitcoin adds complexity to property division

For investing, these days, it is a whole new world. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are popular, hard to understand and even harder to trace. When the time comes during a divorce for property division, this type of investment could be hard to value or easy to hide. Individuals entering the divorce process in Wyoming may be able to gain some useful details from a recent news story about this topic.

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