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February 2018 Archives

After a divorce: some common tips for financial security

Financial freedom isn't often achieved overnight. In fact, it can take many years or decades of hard work to get to a comfortable place financially. For many, during and after a divorce is a cash-strapped time. Individuals in Wyoming may be feeling financially vulnerable, but the experts offer some common tips to improve the money situation. 

Creating a plan of action may help your divorce

Whether the decision to end your marriage was one you saw coming for some time or it caught you off guard, you may not be prepared for all the decisions and proceedings that will come along with the marriage dissolution process. From deciding the best method to move forward with the divorce to determining how to divide your assets or who gets custody of the kids, you may face many challenges. However, ending your marriage does not have to become an all-consuming, dreadful process.

Revised tax law affects alimony rules

What was once a constant in American tax law has recently changed, and has people clamoring to understand the long-term impact. The recent loss of the long-standing alimony tax break has some questioning whether it will add to the financial discomfort of divorce. Attorneys and other divorce professionals are scrambling to understand the new policies and react to them. In Wyoming and other states, some are worried that the change may make for messier divorces, but the jury is still out as to how exactly the change will affect those undergoing divorce. 

Property division: Don't lose track of rewards points

During a divorce, individuals may find themselves divvying up certain marital assets. A breakup can be a challenging time, and for many the process of documenting the assets, collecting financial information and copying important documents can be overwhelming. It's no surprise that some Wyoming couples may miss certain overlooked hidden assets, like rewards points or airline miles. 

Avoid divorce court missteps

An appearance in court is often the final step in the process of ending a marriage with a partner. This may not be true in every case, but for some, the divorce court proceedings are a serious last step, so the court date is treated with reverence. In Wyoming, preparation and presentation can possibly help a person from taking the wrong path in the courtroom.

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