Child custody: Possession and conservatorship

Child custody: Possession and conservatorship

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During a divorce, it seems like there could be a million little details to settle — splitting accounts, dividing property, etc. An individual with children will likely have the custody and care of the child high on the list on concerns. Most people in Wyoming love their kids dearly, and want to maintain the best possible healthy relationship with them. A sensible child custody agreement can help with maintaining close bonds. 

Many people tend to think of custody as who gets the children and when, but the reality goes a little deeper than that. Additionally, the prevailing knowledge about the best interest of children tends to lean toward an equal sharing of time, if possible. Many more individuals find themselves sharing the time with children more evenly than in the past, where it was popular to grant one parent primary possession of the kids. 

Another facet of parenting is the decision-making aspect, also known as conservatorship. During a divorce, one parent may be granted joint managing conservatorship, or he or she may be the sole party responsible for making decisions and handling the responsibilities of the child’s life, also know as sole managing conservatorship. There is another possible role known as the possessory managing conservator. The conservator role will determine whether one or both parties has a part in the rights and duties to one another and to the child. Each family situation will call for a unique solution. 

In Wyoming, a child custody battle can be daunting for any parent. Many people find themselves in need of assistance during such a trying time. Some individuals have chosen to use the services of an experienced family law attorney for help in understanding the various types of custody after a divorce. 

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